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Aqua Laure is a line of body care products made from active ingredients and inspired by the natural resources of our Nordic country. Relaxing clay foam, natural extracts elixir, Dead Sea salts, all our top of the line products evoke the mountains, glaciers, forests and rivers of North America and offer fragrances that make you dream. Created to answer the needs of the spa industry, Aqua Laure guarantees quick and efficient results. Aqua Laure is the newest France Laure body care line that brings you professional treatments with Northern European roots. Targeted at beauty salons, spas, and Nordic wellness centers, this line is inspired by the renewal of water, glaciers, mountains along the four seasons.

An Aqualaure customer shared this in a review, "Worst toner I have ever bought. Used after face wash and cotton balls was white. So then used my old toner and left over makeup was on that cotton ball. Plain water even took more off. I don’t write reviews but I don’t want people to waste their money."


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